Meditation as art

In this work thirteen forked twigs of hazel (Corylus Avellana) are coppiced, dried and bound in salvaged copper wire. Each individual bundle of thirteen forked twigs is sourced and hand made in situ in an ancient Northumberland woodland.

As an ‘artist’s multiple’ each bundle of hazel twigs presents a lifetime of making and creating by an artist dedicated to spiritual and ecological liberation. In a world dominated by junk time, neoliberal capital and the death of nature each bundle of thirteen twigs embodies art as the highest form of hope. In practical terms the making of each bundle of thirteen forked twigs gives aesthetic, symbolic and metaphorical depth to woodland craft and bucolic creativity;

  • Re-enchantment of the world. Each bundle of thirteen twigs makes the perfect pagan altarpiece, Wicca accessory, pyrotechnic ritual or mystic messager.
  • As we confront the death of magic and the erosion of the mystical each bundle of twigs is a creative act of resistance and beauty. The number thirteen combined with the natural intensity of an ancient woodland come together in each little bundle to generate a darkly mystic vibe of fate and destiny.
  • The forked twig references the Hollywood speak of the on-screen and oft repeated Native American Indians claim that white man speaks with forked tongue. And in this case Hollywood got it right as white man with forked tongue forged the British Empire and then the western way of life.
  • The forked twig represents our life journey as rarely straightforward. We are always at some crossroads and the road to hell is often paved with good intentions. The fork is symbolic of the duality at the core of life and of existence itself. The ying and yang, the right and wrong, the good and bad, the left and right.
  • Each individual twig is fragile and easily broken, but when the thirteen twigs bound together they become a bundle of strength. The Bodhisattva principle states that no individual can achieve enlightenment until we all achieve enlightenment. Socialism and mutual aid is for the many, not the few.