In Tara We Trust

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PixieTara is the Buddhist goddess of compassion and beginners mind. But Pixie Tara is not a happy goddess because things have gone from bad to worse on planet Earth since Buddha was around. The hype, spin and lies of modern life have trashed all that Pixie Tara holds true, as sentient humans turn everything into ego. Deep green Pixie Tara sheds tears at the sight of us mining, drilling, driving, dumping, flying, draining, poisoning, trawling, bombing and ploughing sacred Earth as we turn it into a dead thing. The Western way of life has become an anti-nature ego cult destroying all that is green, sacred and enchanted. It is a way of life that has turned Earth’s creatures into an industrial product, our botanic paradise into a toxic dump and individual sentient beings into a franchised money making scam. This ‘West is best’ world order is generating global slavery, toxic masculinity, structural violence, cognitive dissonance and false consciousness. All this, and more, has condemned future generations to a broken world of climate chaos, mass extinction and cultural barbarism. In this apocalyptic broken future each succeeding generation will have less than the one before.

Pixie Tara has been betrayed by those whose karma and Dharma it was to save the human race from never ending suffering. The world’s philosophers, politicians, scientists, healers, rebels, writers and artists are all mind-set slaves to the mantra that the only way of life is the Western way of life. But most of all Pixie Tara has been let down by religion and all those who claim they represent compassion and beginners mind. This is the Pope as a pious fraud on his golden throne, the bishops in their palaces of bling and the Buddhists in their golden temples. Each doctrine upholding macho orthodoxy and the sermon of the spreadsheet. Here is the Dali Lama as a frequent flyer globetrotting the planet by polluting aeroplane. These are the Buddhist monks of Samye Ling Tibetan monastery seeking public donations of £32 to buy a ton of concrete so that they can create a green Tara herb garden. Sad to say that every time the Dali Lama uses an aeroplane or the Buddhist monks of Scotland pour another ton of concrete a little bit of PixieTara dies. But even worse is that all this eco-destruction is killing the future and preventing the birth of future generations of other species, sentient beings, Bodhisattva’s, Buddha’s and Pixie Tara’s.

Pixie Tara is clear that the many ego problems that humans now confront arise from a spiritual blindness and psychological inability to live compassionate beginners mind in our endless urban sprawl and globalised megacity. Human morality and psychology has evolved and is designed for people to live in small scale communities with a simple level of technology. Buddha himself advocated radical ‘small is beautiful’ decentralised social and political structures and was born, became enlightened and died under a tree. The Dharma is immortal, but ever changing and in terms of eco-Dharma nature is the teacher. The eco-Dharma lesson that will end this ‘bigger is better’ broken future of endless suffering is nothing less than the creation of a post capitalist and post-industrial pure land on planet earth. So the creation of a Pixie Tara pure land begins with global reforestation and re-wilding on a massive scale. This means a totally different and compassionate way of life for everyone on earth. This natural solution will reverse anthropogenic climate chaos and restore a sweet interglacial climate. Trees store carbon, provide raw materials, preserve soil structure, prevent flooding and desertification. Fruit and nut trees provide more protein per hectare than either cereals or livestock. Trees are our real wealth of nations and non-violent and compassionate tree farming can supply all basic human needs while healing our sick dying planet.

Eco-ethical tree farming, agro-forestry, sylva-culture, forest gardens, permaculture and similar mean trees can sustainably provide enough food, clothing, shelter and energy to give everyone on the planet cradle to grave comfort and care. Vision the Buddhist pure land as a reforested global village made up of bio-regional parliaments and millions of small scale communities. Each liberated community living a low tech ‘simple in means, but rich in ends’ way of life with the focus on creative social and cultural diversity. Here is the real pure land of carbon neutral small scale organic farming, skilled craft production, lifelong learning and socially useful work. The bedrock of this reforested and re-wilded low tech political economy would be local production for local consumption. Pixie Tara is also clear that an enlightened, liberated and cultured civilisation can be created with sustainable technology as steampunk simple as landline telephone, analog radio and wood fired steam trains.

The creation of this Pixie Tara pure land on Earth needs a spiritual revolution within Buddhism and new forms of Buddhist practice. It’s time for Buddhists to get real and ramp up the meditation vibe to the max by giving up macho ego-centred self-obsessed orthodox practice. Buddhist enlightenment for a broken world is a socially engaged nature based practice of personal moral reckoning and collective action. Buddhists are urged to generate the psychic energy needed for right thinking, right action and right livelihood in order to save what is left of life on earth. While wrong desires, like greed and delusion, can constrict and restrict, right desires for such things as pure land reforestation and re-wilding can liberate and enlighten. So in terms of a Pixie Tara pure land cosmology be brave to think the opposite of our current neo-liberal horror we call the post truth, new normal. For Pixie Tara the universe is teeming with life in an evolutionary turning of matter into mind, mind into consciousness and consciousness into Buddhahood. This is evolution as mutual aid and deep co-operation generating infinite complexity and diversity across time, space and place. In this cosmology the mind is an instrument of transcendence and there is no place for Earthly private property, patriarchy, ego, wage labour and slavery.

Buddhists should put their trust in Pixie Tara and tread lightly on the earth to embrace a liberating return to forests,fields, wilderness and seas. True seekers of enlightenment are urged to disengage from the vast global technological infrastructures that now supply every human need and so make our broken future. To cut through the cant and hypocrisy let no Buddhist create a maximum carbon footprint of more than one ton of carbon per year while planting a minimum of a hundred trees a year. Our spiritual journey is walking towards beginners mind and a re-enchanted world made nurturing and healthy for children, other creatures and future generations. Enlightenment and freedom from endless suffering will come when we practice eco-Dharma and live, work, meditate and play among trees in a botanic pure land of mystic wilderness, verdant wildflower meadows, abundant seas, lush jungles, radiant clean skies, magical woods and enchanted forests.