Peter Pan's Rustic Manifesto 2014

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As a thought experiment let's imagine that the children seize control. We wake up one day and everything we once thought normal has been turned upside down and inside out. In a caustic indictment of modern life the kids sickened of living in a toxic nightmare watching affluent adults lust after the bigger, faster, and richer. The children want back the future adulthood is destroying with its macho creation of scarcity and war. They got hacked off watching Neverland get covered in tarmac and cement as petrolheads blunder on the nihilistic road to no-where. Nor were they amused at seeing children used as third world slaves making shiny techno stuff for rich adults. Disgusted at seeing third world children starve while posh adults swan around the planet in luxury cars, Dreamliner jets and super yachts. They tired of mourning the death of magic, play, enchantment and innocence as grown-ups rot in a neoliberal bubble blinded by hubris. Who wouldn't despair at seeing childhood morph into a sexualised marketplace of branded celebrity wannabees egged on by their dysfunctional parent's? Of seeing young children farmed out on an industrial scale to a dumbed down child care industry whose workers struggle on poverty wages. Education itself has been recast as a childhood headfuck of bullying and exam stress with little more than minimum wage shelf stacking, customer services or keyboard work at the end of it for most. Is it any wonder the kids soured of living in a macho hellhole drained of meaning in which grown-ups maniacally obsess over little more than greed, porn, bling, hype and celebrity. Blah, blah, blah.

It was time to end the global abuse being done to kids by adults whose minds have been screwed by neoliberal doctrine, political brainwashing, Frankenstein science, doublethink, false consciousness, cognitive dissidence and unspeak. Adults are the addicted slaves of a world order they themselves created and connive in reducing children into just another wholesale marketable commodity and money making scam. Behind the veil the kids watch grown-ups turn Neverland into a wage slave, slum planet that is little more than an open prison. The western 'free-world' religion with its church of money and sermon of the spread-sheet has trashed the heart of fairyland and turned children into collateral damage. Instead of Neverland we have a militarised hi-tech death planet bristling with men in suits and uniforms who get turned on by weapons of mass destruction. As adults scurry around the planet like ants on a burning log they gift the children a broken future of mass extinction event, climate chaos and suffering beyond imagination. Our once green and pleasant Neverland is now world class UK PLC. But to the kids Britain is hardly more than an engineered shithole of techno-consumerism, fake culture candy, tatty tourist attraction and factory farm.

Neverland will ban forever the adulthood hypocrisy of liberal humanism and the sheer fakery of the scientific method. It's time to end all the greed unleashed by neoliberal capitalism and dump it in the dustbin of history, to stop forever the sacrifice of children on the altar of global GDP. Farewell to the everyday rubbish of global warfare that adults now think is so normal. Wave goodbye to the gangsta corporate state, sham rationalism and the self-obsessed me, me, me that adulthood loves so much. Cheerio to the stupid white man world order based on relentless economic growth and macho boys with their toys. Adieu forever to the sicko doctrine that alpha male capitalism is the only form of progress and that we are all programmed for power, greed and war.

The day after the rebellion will begin with the creation of an alternative story of progress that is not based on adulthood, capitalism and war. The kids want an alternative story of progress that keeps all suffering to a minimum and embraces mutual aid as the evolutionary force in a bigger and better moral universe. They vision a moral universe in which all nations, all species and all generations have true rights and less harm is a social good. In Neverland the human race is one species, one tribe and one family. The children want back the things that are rightfully theirs like playgrounds, secret gardens, youth parliament, mystical forests, public ownership, birdsong, compassionate farming, play streets, wilderness, magic, cooperative enterprise and exploring. They want a born again story of progress made up of education that makes you free. A progress measured in wildlife ponds, adventures, fun parenting, steam trains, public parks, nurturing community, bees and butterflies, sailing ships and pirates, wildflower meadows, horse and carts and starry black night sky. In Neverland most of what our wrinkly neoliberal gerontocracy think normal will be illegal anyway as economic growth mindlessly destroys other nations, other species and other generations

The kids have done the maths and the science. They want the shock of the new. A global political economy of Neverland could really happen if everyone on the planet lived lightly on the earth and had a carbon footprint of less than one ton of carbon per person per year. This child centred economy means a lot less for the global affluent class but a lot more for just about everyone else. A Neverland humane political economy means every nation producing enough food, clothing, heating and shelter for its own citizenship using zero carbon production methods and socially useful employment. It's out with the macho paradigm of finance and factory and in with a child friendly political economy based on food and farming. Even the NEET lost boys will be given heritage craft apprenticeship skills with plenty of time for work and play. All work will be for local production and consumption with a low tech, post-industrial high skills labour force. Think steam punk for kids as the handmade will replace the factory made as the latest must have product of choice. Neverland will still have the metropolitan city and its suburb but most of Britain will be a relaxed and diverse village based rural economy. All this will be connected with a transport infrastructure of carbon neutral wood fired steam trains with horse and cart for local mobility. Most of the existing democratic, social and bureaucratic structures will remain but Tinkerbell will make sure they work as democratically intended. With children in charge of the ship of state we will have proper NHS cradle to grave care and real social security. One big difference is that each local authority will own all the housing and all the land in Neverland. Fairyland must be a commonwealth for all and in paradise nature cannot be privately owned. This is how Neverland will wave goodbye to the democratic deficit and politics as macho power.

The revolution will reinvent Britain as a kind of national Neverland theme park worthy of any dreaming child. Every day will be a day to remember with play, missions, making, cooking and high culture the new norm. Re-enchantment begins with nature reconstruction big time and the re-wilding and re-foresting of at least twenty million acres of our uplands and industrially farmed landscape. This magical landscape made up of a new twenty million acre temperate rainforest will be more than just an adventure playground, eco-lung, strategic reserve and refuge on our doorstep. The rainforest will bio-engineer our climate to help reverse adulthoods anthropogenic climate change and mass extinction event. By 2050 this temperate rainforest will provide a sufficient larder of wild foods, building materials and fuel to supply the whole population on a sustainable basis. But even more exciting will be the twenty million lowland acres dedicated to creating ten million zero carbon cottages/smallholdings each with their own supply of land, energy, water and waste management. Each smallholding will provide family and community livelihoods through small scale workshops, livestock and arable farming, horticulture, aquaculture, Silva-culture and the like. The remaining sixteen million acres of UK Neverland will include post-industrial urban along with cultural, heritage and ecological landscapes, national parks and the like. This will be where most of the people live in a hothouse of cultural aspiration and diversity.

In terms of philosophy the kids have had enough of watching brain-dead adults face the future looking backwards. They hate the way consumer culture, the knowledge economy and corporate aesthetics have contaminated the mind-set of adults. Sick of watching adulthood walk the talk while they turn a blind eye to the evil they do to other nations, other species and other generations. In bigger picture terms it's time to raise human consciousness before adulthood kills us all. In Neverland the inexplicable miracle of consciousness is the daily struggle for things like empathy and enlightenment, telepathy and contact with extra-terrestrial civilisations. For Peter Pan and Tinkerbell human progress is about cultural, ecological and conceptual diversity rather than the death cult singularity of global capital. Blessed are the children.