Rustic Voodoo Doll 2002

The first part of this work is the ongoing creation of a life size doll, made from salvaged dead elm. This is rustic doll as alter-ego, post-modern Pinocchio, dream girlfriend, doppelganger, replicant and dark shadow.

The second part of this work consists of photographer as voyeur, soul stealer and false prophet. The photographs explore the contemporary construction of identity as filtered through the dolls own creation.
This work will end with the ritual burial of the doll as performance art.

  • Rustic Doll 1
  • Rustic Doll 2
  • Rustic Doll 3
  • Rustic Doll 4
  • Rustic Doll 5
  • Rustic Doll 6
  • Rustic Doll 7
  • Rustic Doll 8