Contemporary Rustic Art & Rolling Audio present:

A collaborative audio artwork created by Julie Bartley and George French.

In this work a recording was made each time a piss bucket is used for urination and can be considered a meditative soundwork on the human condition.

The context is Julie Bartley and George French sharing a wooden cabin during 2016 in a semi- ancient Northumberland woodland. The low impact cabin is off-grid and unplugged which means that toilet facilities must be both ecological and sustainable. A compost toilet at the far end of the cabin's garden is used to secure the ecological conversion of faecal matter. Julie Bartley and George French use piss buckets for urination. The use of a his and hers piss bucket reflects concerns regarding personal preference and hygiene. The piss bucket used by Julie Bartley is stainless steel while that used by George French is tin.

In terms of a meditative soundwork on the human condition 'HIS AND HERS PISS BUCKETS' highlights our dysfunctional and toxic relationship with pissing and shitting in western civilisation. This 'out of sight, out of mind' fear of natural processes essential to human life flags up deep and disturbing problems in our relationship with human excrement. This 'west is best' attitude to our excremental economy has turned an essential biological asset into a toxic waste product. Instead of human excrement being considered a valuable and sustainable source of agricultural/horticultural manure it is an industrial waste contaminating our rivers and seas.

At an even deeper level we can interpret our societal taboos regarding shitting and pissing as indicating a fear and hatred of the natural world and natural processes themselves. This fear of nature and natural processes is evident and central to the global capital neo-liberal project. These fears now include not just hatred of nature, but also hatred of women and children. 'HIS AND HERS PISS BUCKETS' is an expression of being inside, not outside nature. It is a primal, indigenous protest against the death of nature and the evolution of social barbarism.

The artwork itself consists of a twenty three minute CD that begins with a prelude recording the ritual emptying and rinsing of the piss buckets. This is followed by the meditative rhythm of urinations recorded live and subsequently engineered into a CD format. This CD is highly suitable for meditation and mindfulness practice.

In terms of art this work can be seen in the context of 'PISS CHRIST' by Andre Serrano, TRACY EMIN PISSING IN DUCHAMPS URINAL by Tracy Emin and PISS FLOWERS by Helen Chadwick.

If you would like to order a copy of a 'His and hers piss buckets' CD for £10+£2.50p&p please forward address/cheque/postal order payable to George French to:
George French, 40 Bewick Lane, Ovingham, Northumberland NE42 6BT

George French & Julie Bartley 2017

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