A counter-cultural manifesto

Living with a Landslide. A counter-cultural manifesto for the North East of England

A general introduction for grown-ups

A general introduction for grown-ups

the landslide then

In September a landslide trashed my woodland studio and garden of contemporary art. The result is that a lifetime of making and dreaming now lies buries under tons of mud. But lets not forget the bigger picture! In a world of epic global capital and apocalyptic climate change this little landslide remains an insignificant particularity. Faced with the physical impossibilty of turning back history, gravity and topography I contemplate catastrophe inyo art. This is it...


But first. The personal is political. See the landslide as merely mmy just deserts for being a little Napoleon fantasist artist. If only. Thankfully a smackhead I know just dimissed thhe landslide as only a case of 'fuck the luck' and blamed blind destiny. My own angle on the landslide leans towars the view that it was another case of bad Kharma. This has left me with an added worry that I was Adolf Hitler's librarian in a previous life. Nor do I have a problem with admitting that my own life has ended up a right catastrophe. I've aged into a clapped out , grey haired, toker loser hippy that's completely lost the plot. I'mm even turning out the same old hippy shit that I was oing forty odd years ago. Too much skunk and tripping out with the fairies has destroyed what promise I had. Instead of life as a flowering, its life as a withering. Madness and death are only just held at bay with liberal llashings of prescription drugs. But enough of me.

may you

This manifesto is definitely more Marcel Duchamp than Salvador Dali, more local than global, more off-grid than on-grid, more being than having, mor Albert Einstein than Isaac Newton, more Carl Jung than Sigmund Freud, more eco than techno, more Mahatma Ghandi than Adam Smith, more post-modern than pre-modern, more actual than virtual, more william Morris than George Orwell, more Peter Pan than Bladerunnner, more rural than urban,more Eminem than Bob Dylan, more un-plugged than plugged, more Ludwig Wittgenstein than Karl Marx, more process than product, more Prince Kropotkin than Marguret Thatcher, more East than West, more Stanley Spencer than Damian Hurst, more mutual than market, more socialist than liberal, more proactive than reactive......

Money eats the future

Money eats the future.

Raft of the Medusa

The theme of catastrophe into art comes from Julian Barnes and the chapter 'Shipwreck'in his book 'A history of the world in 10½ chapters'. Shipwreck is about a painting called 'THE RAFT OF THE MEDUSA' (1819) by the French artist Gericault. The shipwreck story is a kind of 'Lord of thhe Flies' for grown-ups. A sailing ship hits the rocks and the survivors build a rat. Cast adrift and lost on the open sea it's not long before the survivors start killing and eating each other. The painting shows a moment when the survivors on the raft think they may have seen the sail of a distant ship. Life and death hang in the balalnce as the suvivor's wave at the tiny speck of white on the distant horizon. We never find out whether it is a ship or not. Gericault has turned the catastrophe of the raft of the Medusa into a rectangle of everlasting drama. the painting is an eternal reflection and meditation on how catastrophe or salvation can come by chance in an instant.

Folklore itself is deconstructed

On a beautiful mid-November day I notice a Primrose about to bloom near the base of thhe Landslide. As its tiny petals unfurl we are out of time and out of mind, All that is natural and normal is deconstructed.
Folklore itself is deconstructed.

Roses and Revolutionaries

The Dustman

Abstract, Carboniferous, fantasy, cultural and disaster