Mothership Drawings

A multiple of twenty olde-skool pencil and paper nature study drawings. Each drawing is 8.25 inches in diameter and represents the first close up view of the Earths planetary surface as seen through the approaching motherships telescope. As the mothership is still many light years away these intergalactic images are not intended as definitive, but rather to inform other life forms of the contemporary context prior to their arrival.

This work is attentive to outsider art in a literal and metaphorical context. In a literal context I am currently disables by mental health problems and as such fulfil the classic definition of outsider art as the art of the insane. In my clapped out middle age prescription drugs have replaced recreational drugs as the brutality of life mashes my head. After living through half a century of war, pillage and rape I am now in a permanent state of total stress and high anxiety. Global ecological meltdown has turned my world into a hypersensitive reality of panic attacks and night sweats.

As a metaphor of outsider art these drawings struggle towards a Miltonesque perspective of planet earth as a green globe hanging in space. From outer space we can look down on the folly of humanity as it turns an Eden into trash. Seen from the outside we are allowed to cry at the sight of what humanity has become.

The work is also a theoretical struggle towards a sixth sense. It attempts to expand the notions of rights to an intergalactic context. It seeks a radical reinvention of human aesthetic and philosophical thinking following the (hypothetical) discovery of intelligent life forms on the other star systems.

  • mothership drawing 1
  • mothership drawing 2